BWFA / ABFM Match Rules

BWFA / ABFM Official Rules for Tournaments (revised 2018)
1. 6-a-side competition for 50+ age group. Teams commence with 6 players, 3 Substitutes. Match duration, maximum of 10 minutes per half with 2 minutes break at half time.

2. No jewellery/watches to be worn. Shin pads are to be worn at players own discretion. The referee will halt play at his own discretion.

3. Ball, either size 5 or size 4, UEFA approved ball or Fussball. To be declared for use, pre-tournament.

4. No running. As defined by F.A. interpretation, one part of a foot always grounded, by any player.

5. Minimal contact tackling, no tackles from behind or sides. No slide or jump tackling.

6. No off-sides. Corners and kick-ins part of play, where touchlines / goal-lines are applied. Rebounds off walls are permitted if no touchlines/ goal-lines.

7. Maximum 3 touches per player at any one time.

8. Penalty area is prohibited to outfield players. Intentional contact with ball results in free-kick or penalty kick. Penalty kick – One step permitted prior to kick.

9. The goalkeeper cannot leave the penalty area (except if he slides forward in an action while he is in possession of the ball but the ball and upper body must remain in the penalty area). If the goalkeeper leaves the area to counter an obvious opportunity to score or if he deliberately makes a tackle outside the area, a penalty kick is awarded to the attacking team.

10. All free-kicks are indirect.

11. 2 meters exclusion zone for opposing players for the ball played ‘free-kick’ and ‘kick-in’. For the free-kick near the penalty line there will be a retreat of 2 meters allowing the defenders to position themselves between the goal and the ball.

12. Maximum play height – Cross bar or head height restriction for all kicks, goalkeeper’s throw and rebounds. No heading the ball.

13. A ball deflected by the goalkeeper over head height and retained, remains in the goalkeeper’s possession.

14. Goalkeepers may receive back-passes, who may then put back into play by kick or under-arm throw. The goalkeeper must wear a distinguishing shirt different from other players and referee.

15. Players must not stand on or hold onto walls or gates to block or protect the ball.

16. A team can make 3 changes at any time with any player – changes can be made when there is a stop in the game or when the ball is out of play.

17. No direct goal at kick-ins, kick-offs, drop balls or goalkeeper clearances.

18. A goal can only be counted when the shot is from within the opponents half only.

19. If the ball is put out of play, the kick-in is given to the team that did not touch the ball last.

20. Sin Bin for 2 minutes, in force for minor offences e.g. running. The referee gives a blue card for a sin bin offence, then yellow and red card procedures apply as normal.

21. A player who receives a red card is permanently excluded from the remainder of the match.

Remarks: Competing teams to be notified of the play area (location / situation) with associated rules / regulations. Relevant information must be given before the tournament to all competing teams

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