Sunday 31st March Practice

A great idea from Claude. As we have no football this week due to the AGM on Thursday night (a free drink on arrival), there will be a session outside on the mini-Stade at Cleguerec, starting at 10.30 on Sunday.

Une bonne idée de Claude. Comme nous n’avons pas de football cette semaine à cause de l’AGA de jeudi soir (une boisson gratuite à l’arrivée), il y aura une session à l’extérieur sur le mini-stade de Cleguerec à partir de 10h30 dimanche.

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Thursday Practice Sessions

ABFM / BWFA Indoor sessions on thursday evenings continue, starting at 18.30 at the Halles des Sports, Cleguerec on : 13, 20, 27 December. 3, 10, 17 January 2019.

ABFM / BWFA Les sessions en salle se déroulent les jeudis soirs à partir de 18h30 aux Halles Des Sports, Cleguerec les 13, 20 et 27 décembre. 3, 10, 17 janvier 2019.

Darren has suggested a pre-Christmas drink/bite after a session, at Cafe Creme, Cleguerec. Our last date is 20th December. Whether you are playing, or just would like to come for a social drink after, all would be welcome. I don’t think Darren is paying (!), he is just making a proposal…

Darren a suggéré une boisson / morsure avant Noël après une séance au Café Creme, Cleguerec. Notre dernier rendez-vous est Le 20 décembre. Que vous jouiez ou que vous souhaitiez simplement venir boire un verre après, tout serait Le bienvenu. Je ne pense pas que Darren paye (!), il fait juste une proposition …

The following post Christmas sessions are due for 27th December and 3rd January. The hall is available as far as we are aware. However to avoid disappointment, I would be pleased to hear if you are not able to attend… And from those who are definitely wanting to play. Thanks in advance for all of your co-operation.

Les sessions post-Noël suivantes sont prévues pour le 27 décembre et Le 3 janvier. La salle est disponible à Notre connaissance. Ce pendant, pour éviter toute déception, je serais heureux de savoir is vous ne pouvez pas y assister … Et de la part de ceux qui veulent vraiment jouer. Merci d’avance pour votre coopération.

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ABFM Meeting with Ligue de Bretagne on 31-10-2018

Hello All – Bonjour a Tous.

Jacqueline, Sheelagh, Jeff & I attended a powerful meeting at the Rennes offices of Ligue de Bretagne. As you may all be aware, the Association has been working hard since inception, to promote the sport in Brittany and elsewhere in the hexagon of France. Various events have helped make great strides in our ambitions, yet other times it has been painstaking to gain the attention of our neighbours in nearby districts. Some of the publicity has been extensive yet, at the same time, some has provided borne little further interest in terms of new groups, players and teams. Our tournaments are getting bigger, yet the potential for growth remains frustratingly infinite. The FFF, French government and Health Department are all showing greater interest and we have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences and look to be of tangible value to these authorities. FFF invited us to a meeting and their agenda is the translated version listed immediately below:

2. PRESENTATION OF THE CLUB Presentation of your club, the genesis of this practice within your club, triggers, slots of practice,
anchoring of the section within your club (for affiliated clubs)
3. STATE OF PLAY Actions on the territory of the League and in parallel
4. RULES OF THE GAME The current rules, the latest modifications or proposals / The inevitable
5. YOUR EXPECTATIONS / YOUR NEEDS Organization, documents, material, training, educational tools …
With regard to: – Your club – Your district – Your league
6. AND TOMORROW? Your vision of the future of football by walking in Brittany and at national level
7. CONCLUDE Presentation FFF on sections leisure – Sport health – Access to practice for all

The day before, there had been a demonstration at Tinteniac with 20 players from there, Bourgbarre and Miniac Morvan. This comprised warm-up, ball skills and a game(s) after. We were pleasantly surprised with the high level of awareness of our activity from within the FFF.
It is apparent that there is a big push for Walking Football from Paris in terms of Government policy, Health Department desire to get the sport “on prescription” and for FFF to be leading the line in spreading the sport nationally. However, they are positive about using our Organisation regionally, supporting us and providing material assistance. They seem genuinely keen to work with ABFM to develop the game for ALL abilities to participate in – Inclusiveness is a key word.

There are two areas that they are concerned with. Licensing of all participants in the sport, players and support staff. However, this may be different (lesser?) in terms of cost and application for Walking Football as opposed to “regular” footballers in French affiliated clubs.
Also, there may be the option for players to try the sport for perhaps 2 months and still benefit from affiliation to a team, before signing on.
Visiting (UK?) teams for tournaments are to be encouraged and not penalised within such a framework.
Secondly, practical assurance protection with easier obtaining of medical certificates, better awareness of doctors of our activities. An option for teams to compete, who are not necessarily part of the FFF pyramid of clubs. They want to promote players of locations in local groupings to minimise transport and create networks for regular (monthly) tournaments etc.

There was a discussion over rules and we think they are looking for a standard list of rules to be easily relayed over a wide spectrum. They are very happy with 3 touch and no intentional contact. We stressed that our rules have evolved for our needs and can be altered as needed.
FFF are keen to avoid the UK problems with 3 different authorities trying to run the sport. Apparently, Belgian fussball has that issue as well.

We were there for over 4 hours, including a lunch, so the meeting was quite intense. Everyone there appeared content with the result.
We have been advised that there will be a fast reaction to the content and further activity between the organisations. We may be approaching the stage where it is necessary to consider separating the business of the Association and the playing squad, for the benefit of all of us.

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Bourgbarré Tournament (7th October 2018) Report

By John Alexander, ABFM secretary.

All 6 players and 1 supporter arrived in good time before the 10.00 start, Matches were played on one full size artificial surface, divided up into 5 mini-pitches. They were outlined with cones, goals were made from softball poles. There were no referees and match duration of 8 minutes were controlled by the public address for all games. I cannot recall all of the match scores, but we were worthy of the podium finish and were very close to winning the competition. The lack of proper goals and referees proved awkward to say the least, some resulting decisions were debatable but were taken in context with the spirit of the event.

Tinteniac A were quite competitive and we had an issue in our game with the score at 1-1. One of their defenders clearly encroached in their penalty area.   BWFA claimed a spot kick that was converted. The incident was referred to the organiser and he decided that the goal be ruled out. We had incidents where shots on goal were debated as either in or missing and the decision was not always correct.

Le Trevoux A were the winners of the tournament although we gave them a stiff challenge and I think, drew the match. The Stade Rennais old boys were effective with their passing and good control and beat us 1-0. We also beat both Bourgbarre sides as well as Le Trevoux B and Tinteniac B. We played Miniac Morvan in the last game of the morning and they looked to be as not as strong as us. However, we struggled and could not beat their young lady goalkeeper. There was a last minute shot by the Miniac forward that I thought was saved, but might well have been counted.

If there was a down side to the tournament it was the lack of neutral decision making and the doubts over goals scored or not. No apparent injuries were seen during the two hours or so of games, but there was one early BWFA casualty when our beloved yellow ball was hacked over the perimeter fence and lost in the adjacent jungles. As for the offending kicker, He/She shall remain nameless, in order to protect the innocent.

There was a grand trophy awarded afterwards and speeches, including a contribution from our President. Saucisson, baguettes, galettes and a beer followed after. I think for a first attempt, this was a pretty good effort by Gaetan and his Bourgbarre club.


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Practice Cléguérec

Following completion of today’s tournament, it has been agreed by all, that no one has any energy left, so that tomorrows planned activity will be cancelled. It will be replaced with rest and recuperation.
ABFM won the round-robin contest today, at the end of a well contested and amicable series of matches.
Despite the fatigue,there is a willingness to have a light session on Thursday evening, usual 18.30 start at the Cleguerec mini-stad.Share with friends
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Walking Football Tournament Monday 10th September 2018

Walking Football Tournament Monday 10th September 2018
Stade de foot. Rue du Stade, 56480 Cleguerec, Morbihan. France
4G All-weather enclosed mini stade and indoor sports hall.
Filled baguettes, gateaux, biscuits, fruit, juices, hot beverages, bottled water available all day – Eur 5.00 per head.
No studded boots permitted – trainers only.
Matches approx. 20 minutes with half time break.

Cleguerec ABFM, Bristol United, LeTrevoux 29 A

12.00 Latest. Welcome & Registration of competing teams. Refreshments available upon arrival. Fixtures and times for competing teams.

12.30 Tournament commences.

A round-robin series of matches, probably two matches against each other team. Possibly a play-off final at the end.

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