Parish notes 6 February / notes paroissiales

Hello All – Bonjour a tous.

After a desperately sad start to the New Year with the passing of our team mate and joint creator of our association, Jon Ward, there are some happier events in the pipeline for us all to contemplate.

Après un début de nouvelle année désespérément triste avec Le décès de Notre coéquipier et co-créateur de Notre association, Jon Ward, il y a Des événements plus heureux dans Le pipeline que nous pouvons tous contempler.

We are likely to be invited again to the exhibition hall in Rennes during the month of March. The Ligue de Bretagne are expected to ask the other local walking football teams to attend, so the format could be much different from previous years.

Nous allons probablement être invités à nouveau au parc Des expositions de Rennes au mois de mars. La Ligue de Bretagne sont attendues Demander aux autres équipes locales de football de se déplacer, Le format pourrait donc être très différent de celui des années précédentes

Le Trevoux are planning an afternoon tournament on Saturday, 20th April and have also invited other teams to compete. More information will be made available when known.

Le Trevoux prévoit un tournoi l’après-midi du samedi 20 avril et a également invité d’autres équipes à participer. Plus
Les informations seront disponibles dès qu’elles seront connues.

Guernsey Walking Football have invited us to attend a festival on Saturday, 6th July. We would need to travel on the Friday, 5th July and return on the Monday, 8th July. BWFA are planning to subsidise cost of travel for those interested to go. Accomodation details Will be forwarded to those interested, provided we attract a sufficient number for the playing squad. There will be additional activities arranged by our hosts including local places of interest.

Guernesey Walking Football nous a invités à assister à un festival Le samedi 6 juillet. Nous aurions besoin de voyager Le vendredi 5 juillet Et retour Le lundi 8 juillet. Les BWFA / ABFMenvisagent de subventionner les frais de déplacement Des personnes intéressées. Détails de l’hébergement sera transmise aux intéressés, à condition que nous attirions un nombre suffisant de joueurs. Il y aura d’autres activités organisées par nos hôtes, y compris les lieux d’intérêt locaux.

We are having our next committee meeting on Monday, 11 February. If you have any contributions to make to the Association, please Forward them to me.

Notre prochaine réunion du comité aura lieu Le lundi 11 février. Is vous avez des contributions à faire à l’Association, veuillez envoyez-les moi.

The A.G.M. For BWFA/ABFM is being planned for the end of March, to allow Jill & Phil to participate upon their return. Once a date is proposed, a notice along with this year’s membership form will be sent to all present members.

Le A.G.M. Pour BWFA / ABFM EST prévu pour la fin du mois de mars, pour permettre à Jill & Phil de participer à leur retour. Une fois une date est proposé, un Avis avec Le formulaire d’adhésion de cette année sera envoyé à tous les membres présents.

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On a serious note

On a serious note, we are experiencing issues regarding over competitive play and a number of subsequent injuries. Our practice matches have been getting progressively faster and challenges have become more frequent. The amount of sweat stains on several players’ shirts after each session is an indication of a lot of effort, physical or otherwise going in to the matches. You should all, at least, be aware of the rules. BWFA / ABFM MATCH RULES in menu above. ( I draw your attention particularly to Rule 4 & Rule 5. Beside these regulations, it is important for our experienced players to help along our newcomers and those not so familiar with the game.
The aim of the sport is to promote safe exercise without causing injury. It is clear that we are lacking a referees’ supervision during practice and that we would all benefit from safe coaching and fitness work. Some of us try our best to arbitrate with a whistle, a lot of others do not. Therefore, until the group can change this situation (and the committee is very aware of this), we all need to carefully consider our actions and to self regulate ourselves. We need to take care of ourselves and equally, take into consideration the well-being of our team mates… AT ALL TIMES.
Of course, this is a totally democratic organisation and if any individual has any suggestion or comment to make, then the rest of the group should give the courtesy needed and to take notice.Share with friends
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Tournoi à Bougbarré 7th October 2018

Arrangements so far :
Bourgbarre FC has issued a programme of events for the day, published on their website and on Facebook. 10 teams present, 5-a-side, Scheduled total duration of playing period of event, 2 hours. 
Competing teams : Bourgbarre x 2, Tinteniac x 2, Le Trevoux x 2. Stade Rennais, Monce en Belin, Miniac Morvan, ABFM Cleguerec
Address : Union Sportive Bourgbarre Foot, 10 Rue Frédéric Lanne, 35230 Bourgbarré
Start time :    10.00 am   We aim to arrive at approx 09.30 am
We have 3 players leaving from Silfiac, Claude, Marie-Helen & Jeff.  They are meeting at Silfiac church, to leave at 08.00 am
We have Alan from Caurel, Darren from Laniscat and John from St-Aignan. They are meeting at the Triskalia animal feed depot at the junction of N164, St-Brieuc – Mur road D35, to leave at 08.30
If you still have kit, please bring it, otherwise Jeff has the light blue strip as preferred choice in the bag.
6 players in two cars minimum, so still spaces left for players or spectators. 
Arrangements jusqu’à présent: Le Bourgbarre FC a publié un programme Des événements de la journée, publié sur son site web et sur Facebook. 10 équipes présentes, 5 – a equipe.
Durée totale prévue de la période de jeu de l’événement, 2 heures. Équipes en compétition: Bourgbarre x 2, Tinténiac x 2, Le Trevoux x 2. Stade Rennais, Monce en Belin, Miniac Morvan, ABFM Cleguerec   Adresse: Union Sportive Bourgbarre Foot, 10 rue Frédéric Lanne, 35230 Bourgbarré   Heure de départ: 10h00. Notre objectif EST d’arriver à 09h30 environ.                  Nous avons 3 joueurs partant de Silfiac, Claude, Marie-Helen et Jeff. Ils se réunissent à l’église de Silfiac pour partir à 8 heures. Nous avons Alan de Caurel, Darren de Laniscat et John de St-Aignan. Ils se retrouvent au dépôt d’aliments pour animaux de Triskalia, à la jonction
de la route N164, St-Brieuc – route de Mur D35, pour partir à 08h30.   Is vous avez encore le kit, apportez-le, sinon Jeff choisira la maillot bleu clair dans le sac.   6 joueurs dans deux voitures minimum, donc il reste encore Des places pour les joueurs ou les spectateurs.

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Cléguérec Tournament

BWFA-ABFM Tournament, Cleguerec. 8th- 9th- 10th- 11th September 2018
We are now collecting your availability for the four days of activity next month.
BWFA is hopeful of being able to field TWO squads for the Saturday and
Monday competitions, so your support will be both welcome and utilised.
Can you please notify me of your availability as soon as posible.
The cut-off date for other competing teams is Sunday, 18th August.
We are currently expecting 8 teams on Saturday and at least 6 teams for Tuesday.
BWFA will look to announce both our squads shortly afterwards.
As you may appreciate, 8 players pers squad on a busy afternoon of 6-a-side football is a realistic minimum requirement.
Thanks in advance for your co operation, John AlexShare with friends
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