On a serious note

On a serious note, we are experiencing issues regarding over competitive play and a number of subsequent injuries. Our practice matches have been getting progressively faster and challenges have become more frequent. The amount of sweat stains on several players’ shirts after each session is an indication of a lot of effort, physical or otherwise going in to the matches. You should all, at least, be aware of the rules. BWFA / ABFM MATCH RULES in menu above. (http://abfm.football/laws/) I draw your attention particularly to Rule 4 & Rule 5. Beside these regulations, it is important for our experienced players to help along our newcomers and those not so familiar with the game.
The aim of the sport is to promote safe exercise without causing injury. It is clear that we are lacking a referees’ supervision during practice and that we would all benefit from safe coaching and fitness work. Some of us try our best to arbitrate with a whistle, a lot of others do not. Therefore, until the group can change this situation (and the committee is very aware of this), we all need to carefully consider our actions and to self regulate ourselves. We need to take care of ourselves and equally, take into consideration the well-being of our team mates… AT ALL TIMES.
Of course, this is a totally democratic organisation and if any individual has any suggestion or comment to make, then the rest of the group should give the courtesy needed and to take notice.

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