Fields and rules

Pitches: Walking football is practised on grass, synthetic or sports hall. The dimensions approach those of a Handball court.

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Synthetic field

The: Here is the example of a proposed regulation for the organisation of a tournament: (there are variants locally, the final rules have not yet been fixed)

Rules for recent BWFA / ABFM tournaments .

1. Teams 

The tournament is open for teams of players 50 years and older. The teams will consist of 6 players in the field and 3 substitutes.

2. equipment
  • Players must not wear jewellery (bracelet, necklace, watches, rings, …).
  • Shin guards are recommended but are a free choice of the player.
  • The goalkeeper must have a separate jersey from other players on their team.
  • A size 5 or 4 ball approved by UEFA will be provided for each match.
 3. Behavior in the field:
  • There is no running at any time.
  • One foot must always be in contact with the ground.
  • Side or back tackle and jumps are not allowed to maintain a minimum of contact.
  • Shots on goal can only be made from the opposing half.
  • The ball must not be played above head height.
  • Penalty shots are made with just one step.
4. Rules to
respect on the ground.
  • The duration of a match is 20 minutes (10 minutes per half, break of 2 minutes and change of side)
  • Outfield players cannot enter the goalkeeper’s penalty area and the goalkeeper cannot leave the penalty area. If a defender enters the area, the referee awards a penalty to the opposing team.
  • A team can change up to 3 players per match. These changes can be made during a stoppage or ball out of play.
  • There is no offside.
  • Free kicks will always be indirect.
  • If the free kick is too close to the penalty area (less than 2 metres), a 2-metre drop will be made to allow the opposing team to defend.
  • Passes back to the goalkeeper are allowed. The ball can be relaunched with the foot or the hand. (variant: not allowed)
synthetic with walls without touchline:
  • The maximum height of the ball is head height or the height of the crossbar. (Eg: If a shot on goal is higher than the crossbar across the width of the field at the goal level, the ball will be returned to the opponent at the shooting location.
  • Players can use ricochet sidewalls to play. There will be no corner even if the goalkeeper deflects a shot from his goal. The ball will be returned to restart play with the foot or hand.
  • Players cannot touch or lean on the walls to protect the ball.
with sideline (room or lawn):
  • The maximum height of the ball is head height. (variant: torso)
  • If the ball leaves the playing area, play is restarted by kick-in, goal kick (or throw) or corner as appropriate.
5. Refereeing.
  • Free kicks (always indirect).
  • Ball over head height (variant: torso)
  • Running (both feet off the ground).
  • Obstruction.
  • The referee will be able to exclude a player for 2 minutes for persistent foul play.
  • The referee has 3 cards:
  • blue: 2 minutes exclusion from the field
  • yellow: warning (2 yellows = exclusion)
  • red: exclusion from the match.

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