The beginning of the sport in Brittany

In November 2015, members of the two cricket clubs of Morbihan (Club Cricket de l’Oust and Central Brittany Cricket Club) met and decided to study if there was enough interest in the North West of France to start a walking football club (or clubs) for men and women.

Walking Football was conceived in 2011 by the Chesterfield FC Community Trust in England. The way sport is practised promotes cardiovascular health while producing the least amount of stress on the body. It also helps participants maintain an active lifestyle.

The sport was originally aimed at men over 50, who were now too old to play the standard football format, but still want to stay active. In the UK the scope has now expanded to include all ages, and men and women play regularly, and we want to reflect that.

Although based on association football, the main difference in the rules of standard football is that if a player runs then they concede a free kick to the other side. This restriction, as well as a ban on sliding tackles, is intended both to prevent injuries and to facilitate the practice of sport by those who are physically disadvantaged.

In walking football the ball should never be above head height. Different footballs are used in the indoor and outdoor variations of this sport. When played indoors, a futsal ball size 4 is used. Outdoor games involve a traditional football. The size of the pitch may vary according to different places. The length should be 20 to 40 metres and the width between 15 and 30 metres.

We picked up on a thread started in Brittany Angloinfo in August 2015 and were emailing people who expressed interest then, as well as the men and women involved in the Brittany cricket community.

We now have over 80 names of people who have expressed an interest; they are of all ages and both sexes, and the majority come from all areas of Brittany. The majority of respondents to date are men, but we want to encourage women to play as well, with the long-term goal being a league for each gender.

If you want to get in touch with us – as a player, referee, coach or a mere spectator – please use the “Contact Us” page.

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