There hasn’t been a newsletter for a very long time and it’s difficult to know from where to begin. So in the absence of another landmark I’ll go back to the AGM on 28 March. It was the end of the second year (of three) for the elected committee and all had survived! Our newer members won’t have had the pleasure of knowing one of our founder members, Jon Ward, who died suddenly on 10 January, and the meeting paid tribute to him and his work. Subsequently it was decided to inaugurate a trophy in his honour at the September tournament, which was won by Plymouth Argyle.

ABFM has gone from strength to strength since then participating in tournaments and demonstrations, and importantly engaging with FFF nationally, the Ligue de Bretagne and locally with District 56 (Morbihan). With the recent influx of new members, training sessions that were sometimes attended by only a handful now have 12 to 14 regularly.

On the subject of new members, for many it’s the first time they’ve played anything approaching “competitive” matches. It’s a real tribute to them that they’ve improved week on week without formal coaching. The slower pace of walking football and the 3-touch rule certainly seems to help the less gifted player to contribute and not be over-awed by those more experienced.

On the administrative front, ABFM is registered at Pontivy as a sports association and has annual Public Liability assurance. Details of Personal Accident assurance (at the player’s expense) must be sent to members by law and will be emailed together with a copy of the current Statutes (Constitution) shortly. Documentation has been completed and sent to District 56 for ABFM to become affiliated to FFF. This will bring many benefits, details of which will be included in a future newsletter.

Finally a summary of the tournament on 14 and 15 September at Cléguérec. ABFM fielded one team and there were 9 others on Saturday and 7 others on Sunday.
Both competitions were won by the very experienced first team from Plymouth. ABFM weren’t at their best but were still competitive. It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise that a new team from Erge Vras (Ergué Gabéric) Quimper made the final on day one and competed extremely well. Our perennial visitors, Bristol United also won silver for the first time on day two.

Jeff Smith

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