Saturday 9th June Moncé en Belin, 72230

Our squad made their way toward Monce en Belin, Sarthe 72 amid the downpours and thunder filled clouds. Bob and Brian finally arrived and we started the second match of the event. 4 local sides made up the competition. They were stronger and a year wiser. We were a year older!  All of the matches were close, we won one,lost one and drew two, finishing third out of five, but our results coulda-woulda-shoulda been different. We suffered from not keeping the ball when the rules allowed multi-touch and in low scoring games, not taking all our scoring opportunities, mixed interpretation of the walking/running law and the two or three of the good, young club players tilted the balance in several games.

However, the matches were all in good spirit and our hosts were again extremely hospitable, we were awarded a trophy for our inaugural victory last year… and despite the thunder and lightning, the afternoon stayed very warm and dry… Until the drive home, where we experienced a cloudburst of biblical proportions between Le Mans and Laval.

A long day and thanks to the chauffeurs in the squad of :Phil, Brian, Keith, Jeff, John & Bob.

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